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Jake Dunn

27 November 01:46 PM

I just wanted to share an insight that might inspire some aspiring artists, especially if you’re feeling discouraged about selling art.

During Black Friday more than half of Dimitra’s sales came from her email list.

She only has 2,500 on her email list.

To some, this might seem like a lot, but compared to getting 150,000 followers on Instagram, it is a lot easier to get 2,500 email subscribers.

I share this for two reasons:

  1. Hopefully you feel like …

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to post here to open up a discussion about the Mastery Program! If you have any questions, comment them here and I'd love to help answer them!

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Jake Dunn

28 April 06:04 PM

I gotta say… I’m loving seeing all of the wacky beautiful paintings for this month’s art club challenge😍😂

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Jake Dunn

12 April 12:43 AM

Art Club Winners - Feel the Rainbow🌈

Wow! This month had the 2nd most submissions of all time! The quality of artwork being submitted to these art club contests blows my mind. What were your thoughts on the theme? Let me know in the comments! And comments any suggestions for future challenges, we'd love to hear your ideas!

If you want to join next month's Art Club contest, click this link to join Milan Art Club: https://www.milanart.com/art-club


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Jake Dunn

30 March 07:40 PM

Tomorrow is the last day to enter March's contest, Feel the Rainbow for Milan Art Club members! Don't miss your opportunity to win part of the $1000 in prizes awarded this month!😍

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Jake Dunn

12 March 01:39 AM

February Contest Winners

I know I say this almost every month, but this has been the most difficult month yet to choose a winner. It really made me want to have 10 winners because there were so many beautiful paintings! I love that you all poured your hearts into your paintings. I’m very curious how you liked this contest, let me know in the comments how you felt about it!

Without further adieu, here are the winners:

Community ($500): Kassandra …

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Jake Dunn

09 March 07:03 PM

I just wanted to share an amazing experience that I had with a collector yesterday.

After wanting this painting for more than 2 years, a repeat collector of mine named Heather was able to afford the painting this month. Because she lives so close I decided to go and drop it off at her house with Dimitra. We got there and she squealed with excitement, bouncing with joy. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing my art have such a profound impact on …

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Jake Dunn

03 March 01:25 AM

March Theme Announcement✨

After spending a month with very limited color, we thought that it would be fitting for you to now go the exact opposite direction. This month’s theme is Feel the Rainbow. Color is one of the most important aspects of a painting. Most of the time, it can make or break a painting.🌈

Your challenge this month is to create a painting that either has a tasteful rainbow color palette or uses a rainbow somewhere in the …

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Jake Dunn

14 February 11:03 PM

January Contest Winners Announcement🤑

January was such an awesome month, we had the most submissions for a contest that we’ve had in a while! We really loved going through all of the paintings and seeing what you amazing artists have spent your time creating. We say this basically every month, but it was so hard to narrow it down to just 4 winners (5 including the community choice). I’m so glad that we have more winners now and don’t have to …

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Jake Dunn

12 January 06:31 PM

December Contest Winners Announcement

This month was probably one of the most difficult challenges, yet. We'd love to hear what you learned from it, if anything, so leave a comment below!

The paintings this month were so beautiful and dreamy! Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Here are this month's winners:

Community ($500): HALE BOPA

Skills ($125): Rachel Greer

Theme ($125): Katie Jarman

Sellability ($125): Deb Hill

Uniqueness ($125): Eniko …

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