Portfolio Piece #1: “Blood Orange Rosemary Margarita”

Mixed Media on 12x16” canvas

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An attempt at collage and gold leaf… ✨

When I first started this piece I didn’t know where I was going with it, but I’m glad I left the collage papers visible under the fluid acrylics. It was also nice to get a feel for applying gold leaf, but my favorite part about this piece is that I burnt the edges…

What’s your favorite aspect??

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So here’s my first ever abstract… I definitely learned a lot through this painting about depth, color, and how difficult it is for me to avoid placing a focal point directly in the middle 🙄 😂

But I’d call this a win because I realized how difficult it is to create a good abstract painting… kudos to you artists who pull this off consistently!

Anyways…I’m curious to see what you guys think. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of abstracts, do you …

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“In Light of Eternity” ✨ 🌎 🚀

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like spray paint, but I think I’m pleased with how this one turned out. My favorite part is the charcoal sketch marks I left in the background, I think I might incorporate this more often.

One thing I’m wondering though… sometimes there’s a part of the acrylic or background that I really like and I don’t want to cover it with an oil glaze. Is it better to cover the entire …

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A little edgy, a little dangerous 😏 🪴

Mark making was an interesting experience. It gives a little bit of a “grunge” look to the background of this painting, and let me tell you - adding the layer of oil REALLY made this one come alive. I feel like the Venus flytraps are coming to eat me 😂

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And when she passes, each one she passes goes “Ahhhhhh…” ✨ 🤩 🎵

~ Girl From Ipanema, Stan Getz

I can’t believe how much I’m in love with fluid acrylics. This process felt so effortless all the way through and I can’t wait to try it again!!

I’m releasing this and 3 other originals to my email subscribers tomorrow if you’d like to sign up. Just go to https://autumnhunter.art and sign up to be notified!

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It’s a whole mood 😏 🌅 ✨

Week 17, Acrylic and Oil

I loved creating this very cozy and intimate piece. The colors remind me of a glass of wine and a Caribbean sunset. 🍷 🌴

Or you may prefer my mother’s interpretation:

“She’s been stompin’ grapes all day at the winery and now she’s really hot and everything’s fallin’ out!” 😉

Either way, I see this as a relaxing bedroom piece and can’t wait for someone else to enjoy it.

#oilpainting #acrylicpainting …

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Wow. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown during these past three months ✨

This is my final 30x40” painting from the Oil and Drawing section, and I’m so proud. It’s one of my best for sure.

Tbh I did use some of my new mixed media materials at the very end to finish it off. I made use of the oil pastels, paint pens, and solid paint markers to stylize the background and paint the birds 🦅

I’m so excited to move on to the mixed media section soon!!

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How would/do/did you feel about spending hours painting yourself?? ✨ (depending on where you are in the program)

I think that depends on your self image. It can be excruciating for artists with low self-esteem and way too much fun for narcissists 😂

I hope I land somewhere in between. I enjoyed the process of painting myself, but I’m also glad it’s over 😉

#oilpainting #selfportrait #abstractrealism

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Healing from the worst kind of grief ❤️‍🩹

Devin was driving to work one morning this past April when he swerved into the other lane and collided with a larger vehicle, crushing his small sedan and sending it into a ditch.

Throughout the next two weeks, Devin fought for his life but eventually succumbed to his crush wounds and passed away. He leaves behind his mother and younger siblings.

Nothing can hurt more than losing a child. I’m sure I’ll …

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