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Deepen Your Understanding of Art With Inspiring FREE Ebooks

Read about today’s Art Renaissance, how anyone can go to art school, and why YOU are important in the art world.

the cover of a book "Breaking the curse of the starving artist" by Elli Milan

free e-book
An eye-opening ebook that will bring you hope as an artist

  • Learn the history behind the starving artist
  • Learn how to identify the starving artist curse
  • Recognize how you can benefit by breaking free of the curse
  • Receive steps on how YOU can succeed in this new Renaissance
the cover of the book "Abundant mindset" by Miranda Gamel

free e-book
How to Fund Your Art Education

  • The importance of YOUR own personal story
  • How you hold the power to change your destiny
  • How and when to use different platforms for fundraising
  • How to implement time management skills for a more successful life
  • How to stay positive and why it matters
the cover of a book "Your purpose as an artist" by Elli Milan

free e-book
How to Discover Your Purpose as An Artist

  • Be affirmed in your identity as an artist
  • Reignite the artist within you
  • Discover a greater purpose within yourself
  • Gain the courage to pursue your dream of creating art

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