Kristen Wickersham

10 May 12:17 AM

I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest & have hundreds of photos from locations in the area. I wanted to share some of the images. These pictures specifically are from Franklin Falls in Washington state.

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09 May 01:59 PM

Horse riding

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Blake Addison

16 December 2022 08:33 PM

"El Perro" By Blake, Ink, 2022. Experimenting with Ink, using Speedball Metallic Gold Ink, Speedball Deep Purple, and Dr. P.h. Martin's Jade Green. What y'all think??

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Dimitra Milan

08 July 2022 06:11 AM

There’s something so special about taking your own photos for a painting…. To get the right pose/position for my piece, I needed to use different parts of each photo and combine it together ☺️✨it was actually pretty fun working that way!

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