Mike Burrell

19 hours ago

I painted with oils for many years, then switched to acrylics. This is acrylic with a gloss varnish that it looks like oils. I used acrylic spray paints on the background and it seems to work well. What do you think?

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Sherri G

26 May 07:18 PM

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m new to oil painting. I was shocked that someone wanted to buy the first painting I did. It is still a little bit tacky to the touch. My question is do I need to seal it? Reading about varnishes it seems like you need to wait a very long time before doing that. 2) the painting has some glossy areas where I used Galkyd, and some flat where the opaque paint is if I don’t seal …

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Sonya-Prajna Art

09 May 06:35 AM


By @SonyaPrajnaArt

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Nargis Naqvi

04 May 03:38 AM

Hi. I am new here. Wanted to get some feedback on my painting here. What would you tell me to do to bring more life into it? Its still a work in progress. I like the drips but not sure if I should keep them or smooth them out? Anything else to make it pop? Thank you!

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Scarlet Kessler

26 April 06:07 AM

Hey guys what do you think about flippable paintings on panel?

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Esther Kelly

24 March 09:34 PM •  Edited

Help!! I try to mix skin color and I’m having a hard time. The dark hand should be more like a bronze skin color, I used burned umber , allizarin crimson , titanium white and some ultramarine blue, but it’s to dark

Also having a hard time painting tiny hands .

Can anyone help me mix and have some tips?

Thank you

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Dannielle MacDonald

23 February 12:56 AM

When did you start oil painting? Which are your favorite colors? I started about 2 years ago, infrequently and love ultramarine blue

Jennifer Stepanik

06 December 2022 08:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

I’ve signed this artwork so I would say it’s finished however, I would love some feedback moving forward as I intend on creating a body of work of South American inspired pieces. Please let me know what I need to work/develop and what I need to do more of.

Thanks in advance 🙏


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Diana Sheridan

19 July 2022 02:48 PM

I'm looking at upgrading surfaces and I was wondering, what weights of canvas are recommended for different sizes of work? Light 7-8oz is fine for smaller pieces, but at what dimensions would I want to be sure to use a medium or heavy weight canvas material?

Also, does anyone have input on the best store/website to buy pre-stretched canvases? So far it looks like Jerry's is a bit more affordable than Blick's for comparable products but I am open …

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Sandra Longmore

14 July 2022 09:41 PM

Painting that is still tacky after long waiting period. Can I put Liquin on it to speed drying? I painted with Galkyd added to paint.

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