Fear Gives the Enemy Power

Jan 24, 2024

Fear is the great conqueror of faith.

Each and every one of us is special, with the capacity to do great things that can change the world.  Each of us has our own unique superpower. The Enemy also knows this, so he is desperate to find a way to get us to turn away from our birthright and enslave us in mediocrity.

In every great art movement in history, there has been an outpouring of genius — genius that transcended the culture of the world at that time and sent it on a new path.  We are now at another inflection point.  Art has been debased to levels where it would not be crazy for a person to say, “Art is dead!”

But I tell you emphatically: Art is NOT dead, nor has it ever been.  It has simply been co-opted for evil instead of good...  for the grotesque instead of for beauty…  for the power of man instead of the power of the Divine.

Those who are connected to the Divine Hand can feel it moving again.  It was almost as if it let us wallow in our own poor choices, but is now ready to raise an army to redeem the people from their apathetic slavery.  It is calling the people to rise up, be great again, and, much like in times past, it is calling the artists first.  The Enemy is scared of what is awakening in the land, so he has set a plan in place to destroy that awakening before it has a chance to develop into a holy revolution.

At the center of that plan is the keeping of souls oppressed in fear.  He uses it masterfully to enslave those who have forgotten their true worth.  Consider the example of a child, scared to go into their bedroom because the room is dark.  A parent knows full well how impossible that task feels, attempting to convince the child to go into the darkened room as the child cries and pulls away with all their strength.  Consider now when the light is turned on: Does the child still pull away from the room? Or when full of light, does the child enter to freely play?  Once the child knows that there is no boogeyman waiting in the room, they are at peace to move forward.

In much the same way, the Enemy uses fear to darken the room of possibilities.  To every aspiring artist, he whispers:

“You’ll never be good enough.”

“You don’t have the time to learn that; you started too late.”

“Who would possibly care about the message of your art?”

If you have ever thought of any of these messages or the many others he uses, you know the paralyzing power it can have on forward progression. Steven Pressfield calls it Resistance. Call it what you want, but it will choke the life out of your purpose if you don’t identify it and combat it.

In a dangerous situation, people are left with three options: fight, flight, or freeze.  In our modern world most people, unless they are certain they will win, don’t choose to fight.  The cost of losing a fight is too high (sometimes even the cost of winning).  So in our modern world, people choose flight or freeze.  In both cases, there is no forward progression.  Either ground is lost or nothing changes.  Most people are comfortable with the status quo, even if the status quo is bad.  Most will choose to stay in a bad situation rather than try to get out, because the brain inherently prefers to be predictable, so it will encourage you to keep doing what you’ve always done.  We have a world stuck in freeze mode, that can’t accomplish anything, because trying means risk, and risk means potential pain.

Risk can also be the start of forward movement though, and it is worth the pain.

The Enemy has succeeded in convincing almost the whole population of the world to never take a chance on anything, because that is the only way to truly be safe.  But every person who trades in their own Divine worth for safety is missing out on their true calling.  Once a person can let go of fear, then the path forward becomes clear, just like the child stepping into the light.  Do not let the Enemy hold back your progress by making you fear. Instead, have faith that the Divine is greater than any adversary and that with that Divine Hand, ALL things are possible.

You are good enough.  It is never too late to take hold of your divine worth.  People will care about your message.  So stop freezing and start fighting.

The more you freeze, the more fear will grow exponentially. Each time you give in to fear, you make it easier to give in over and over again. Likewise, if you stop giving into fear, the easier it gets the more you do it. If you don’t feed your villain, he can’t beat you.

The Divine Hand is reclaiming the land, and it is starting with the artists.

The artists must stop fearing and convey the Divine message as only artists can… with power and clarity specific to every person who views the art.  Your art will inspire the writers, and the writers will inspire the culture.  Culture will inspire the masses, and the masses will overcome evil in every corner it has been allowed to stand.  But if the Enemy can silence the artists — convince them through fear not to try — then he can stop this Beauty movement before it even gets started.

Fear is the opposite of faith.  Faith cannot stay when fear is present… but true and abiding faith can dispose of any fear, no matter how strong.  So connect with that Divine Hand, be empowered by that great love for you, and cast away the fear that would hold you back.  The world is ready to change… it's just waiting for the courageous few who are destined to start the movement.

That’s why YOU are here.

Welcome to the Art Movement.

Connect with others just as courageous as you in the first true art community of its kind: Milan Art Community. We’re all here to bring Beauty back into the world and break through the shackles of fear and doubt.

Come… change the world with us.

Written by Julie Briggs

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