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How to Use Walnut Oil to Clean Your Brushes

You don't have to use solvents to clean your paintbrushes. Use this non-toxic oil to get oil paint out of your brushes...

Five Tips for Growing Your Art Skills

Break free from artist's block and express yourself with these 5 tips for building confidence and growing your skills as an artist...

Unlocking Your Artistic Entrepreneurial Potential: Exploring Creative Careers in the Art World

Imagine creating a sustainable and fulfilling art career. Explore eight careers perfectly suited for art entrepreneurship and meet three successful artist entrepreneurs.

Creating the Perfect Art Portfolio: Essential Strategies for Artists in 2024

Your art portfolio is your visual resume. Learn how to create a portfolio that showcases your skills, style, and creative journey and stands out in the competitive art world.

Art Commission Guide for Beginners: Step-by-Step Tips and Strategies

Learn how artists can take art commissions—from marketing and pricing to the commission process, including contracts, financial transactions, and collector relationships.

Fear Gives the Enemy Power

Fear is the great conqueror of faith. Fear often keeps artists from pursuing their creativity destiny. Here's how to combat that...

How to Successfully Start an Art Business While Working Full-Time

How can you balance a full-time job with an art career? Learn the art of juggling brushes, deadlines, and office meetings with practical tips + a proven one-year process.

How to Start an Art Business in 8 Simple Steps in 2024

Turn a passion for art into your profession this year with this step-by-step guide. Learn how to start an art business and avoid the number one reason why most art businesses fail.

Crafting an Artist Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

A business plan is key to building a successful, sustainable art business. This guide walks you through the process to help you achieve your artistic dreams and financial goals.

How do Artists Make Money? 10 Proven Ways in 2024

Discover ten ways artists can make money this year—from passive income to freelancing and more—and learn the most important factor in making money as an artist.

The Ultimate Artist's Guide to Pricing Paintings: A Step-by-Step Strategy

Pricing your masterpiece can seem like a mystery after pouring your heart and soul into every brushstroke. These 5 steps simplify the process of pricing your art.

Top 10 Strategies to Break Through Artist's Block and Rekindle Your Creativity

You can overcome creative block! Learn the common causes of artist’s block, reignite your creative spark, and get back to producing great art with these effective strategies.

Unlock Your Full Creative Potential: Tips for Being a Well-Rounded Artist in 2023

You know the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none"? Well here's why that condescending maxim is dead wrong. You can be a well-rounded artist and THRIVE!

Art as a Marathon: Casey Wakefield’s Story

Does an art career seem beyond your reach? Casey Wakefield dreamed of becoming an artist but didn’t consider it a real possibility. Be encouraged by her story.

Artistic Ambition: How to Set SMART Goals for Art Business Success in 2024

Transform your artistic passion into a sustainable career by setting SMART goals. Learn how to overcome resistance, achieve your goals, and see your vision become reality.

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